Do not vaccinate every year – it is simply not needed! If you do need to vaccinate, know that you should never ever vaccinate if your pet is not well. From paw cysts, ear infection, fever, cough, diarrhea, etc. – don’t let a vet convince you they’re needed or required, especially when an ongoing issue is occurring. Any medical concern is a pet not being well.

Any medical issue and your dog is considered “NOT A WELL PET” which allows your dog a “medical exemption” from the mandated rabies vaccination.

A cancer diagnosis is a medical issue because now they have a compromised immune system and the vaccination may endanger your dog’s life. All your vet needs to do is write a waiver to the county in which you live.

Tyson’s Story

Tyson’s vet was a “Bulldog Specialist” many in Michigan see. Yet taking an oath to care for and treat animals was the furthest thing from his mind. Tyson would go in for an ear infection and they’d remind me he needed a vaccination so he got it. Next year was a paw cyst, another vaccination. It seemed he only got vaccination when he WAS sick, and vets should know better. Learn to say no and why for the health of your pets.

If your pet is “due” for a vaccine, request a titer. What is a titer?