What’s the Difference?
Raw – it’s just that – uncooked fresh foods that have not gone through a dehydration, lightly cooked or cooked process.

Cooked/Lightly Cooked – fresh foods have gone through a heat process.

How do you choose?
That’s a personal choice. Two-thirds of people feed raw food to their pets, while 1/3 feed cooked or lightly cooked. Some dogs cannot handle raw or have geriatric issues that will not allow them to eat raw.

What would make me choose one over the other?

The reason we chose raw is because it provides the most nutrients for getting and keeping the body healthy. We have done all forms – cooked, lightly cooked and raw and Tyson did well on each one. When you cook the proteins, it depletes the protein nutrients the body needs.

Please Note: Certain fish require cooking, so be sure to check based on the protein of your choice. We cooked tilapia, but fed salmon raw by emulsifying because it did have bones. Just know whatever you choose to feed – cooked or raw – you are making and keeping your pets healthy and providing the best quality of life.

Veggies – Cooked or Raw?

Any veggies you give should be steamed, blanched or grilled and emulsified for better nutrient absorption. Especially when making the switch from kibble so the body can digest and absorb easier while it transitions.

TIP: Cook the veggies in bone broth for additional health benefits. We also used any leftover to add to each meal for added moisture.

Health Benefits of Bone Broth
Good for joints, helps liver detox, promotes healthy gut and good for sick dogs.