When mammals are born, their mothers produce a special milk that contains colostrum. The main role of it is to jump start a newborn’s immune system and provide vital nutrients, but researchers are finding that these immune boosting properties are good for dogs, too.

Did you know it was commonly used to treat infections and other issues before antibiotics were discovered?

Benefits of Colostrum for Dogs:

  • It helps with canine allergies
  • It helps with leaky gut
  • It helps find and destroy cancer cells
  • It is 3 times more effective that the flu vaccine in preventing the flu
  • It helps with wound healing such as dermatitis, gingivitis, ear infections, cysts, abscesses and insect bites

Don’t worry. We didn’t know either, but now we both do!

How do I give my dog colostrum?

You can give in capsules or powder. It’s best to feed on an empty stomach, but you can give it with a small amount of yogurt or broth.

Follow the instruction on the label for feeding amounts. Gloria Dodd, DVM, recommends the following amounts: 1/3 tsp. powdered form per 25 lbs. body weight given twice daily or small dogs/cats, 1 capsule twice daily, medium/large dogs, 2 capsules twice daily (recommended dosage for 1 month minimum, then give as needed.