Jump Starting Your Dog’s Health

Is your dog itchy, scratchy, losing hair, scratching at the ears, anxious, tummy troubles – you know something is up!

What do you do? Run to the vet who will tell you to give antibiotics, steroid, meds, but not what you truly need to know. Or, you’ll just change to a grain free or hypoallergenic kibble – that doesn’t help! Think healthy!

Nine Things to Jump Start Your Dog’s Health:

  1. Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome
  2. Feed Raw
  3. Cut Out Unnecessary Vaccines
  4. Add in Anti-Oxidants
  5. Use Homeopathy for Natural Healing
  6. Detox the Entire Body
  7. Forget Chemical Flea and Tick Meds
  8. Understand Your Dog’s Allergies
  9. Switch out the Fish Oil

Giving your dog a healthy life is a choice!

For the full article and details, go to https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/9-ways-to-jump-start-dog-health.

We addressed all the items on the list in getting Tyson healthy. If you’ve followed our journey – you saw it for yourself!