Why Does My Dog Get Them and How Do I Get Rid of Them?

What are tear stains? Tear stains are excessive tear production caused by many different issues, including: ingrown eyelashes, unusually large tear glands, glaucoma, eye disease, medications, poor diet, stress, entropion (inverted eyelid), ear infection, plastic food bowls, teething in puppies, second hand smoke, eye infection.

What causes tear stains? Typically, the result of porphyrins. These are naturally occurring molecules containing iron waste products from the breakdown of red blood cells and are mostly removed from the body via popping, peeing, tears and saliva. These tear stains are rust colored and more noticeable on lighter colored dogs. If they are browner than rust colored, it’s more likely a yeast infection. This of it this way, if the face smells, it’s a yeast infection. This could be the same for raw, red fold issues on the face, or even nose rope concerns. It could be yeast thriving and surviving in the face areas.

How to Treat Tear Stains Safely:

  • Feed a high-quality diet
  • Provide fresh filtered water
  • Replace plastic bowls with stainless steel, porcelain or glass
  • Use milk thistle, dandelion, colostrum or probiotics to decrease amount of staining
  • Clean your pets face with colloidal silver, which is completely safe around the eyes. Use a cotton ball with colloidal silver on it and wipe the face. The antimicrobial properties will help reduce yeast infections and moist dermatitis that occur in the corners of the eyes
  • Use coconut oil on the moist areas where tear stains accumulate to prevent infection
  • When skin infection present, use some diluted baby shampoo twice a day until gone

How to Treat Tear Stains Homeopathically:

  • Belladonna 30c will usually clear up anything that is bacterial or inflamed
  • Three pellets, three times a day for three days

It’s always a good idea to become familiar with your dog’s body, folds, ears, issues, etc., so you can ward off anything oncoming. A good rule of thumb is to wipe them down daily, especially the face region.