Going from kibble to a raw meal isn’t easy and won’t happen overnight. Many say to mix kibble and raw together and transition slowly so the stomach can adjust. I tend to differ. When I switched Tyson, I did not transition. I went right into the “Whitefish Diet” then onto raw beef rotating proteins from there. Feeding a balanced diet is key although when you start it may not be as balanced as it needs to be, but you’ll get there with time. A balanced diet is based on the following structure:

80/10/5/5 Rule: 80% meat, 10% bone, 5% liver & organs, and 5% fruits & veggies.

Not every meal will consist of these exact percentages but is what your dog should be consuming over time. A dog’s poop is a great indicator or whether his meals are balanced or not. A good way to start is by knowing what a normal poop looks like. This is important so that you’ll be immediately aware of any changes in frequency, consistency, size, color, or smell. It is important to inspect fresh poop, as raw fed poop can change color/consistency quickly after it’s passed.