If You Think Wellness Is Expensive, Try Illness: Getting You Healthy
Signs it might be time to look at what you feed:

  • Oily, flakey skin and hair falling out
  • Smells like corn chips
  • Ear issues
  • Face acne
  • Paw issues
  • Nose rope and fold issues
  • Digestive issues
  • Anal gland issues
  • Excessive drinking
  • Bad breath

Manufactured commercial dog foods, also known as kibble, are made with low quality inexpensive ingredients for the sole purpose of increasing profits. The ingredients are heavily processed and preserved to sustain a longer shelf life. Even the most expensive “hypoallergenic, grain free” kibble contains ingredients we can’t pronounce and doesn’t increase longevity or quality of life for our pets like the vets want us to think. Go look at the ingredients on the bag if you have it – if you can’t pronounce it, your pet shouldn’t be eating it.

We know – we tried every kibble on the market – the issues persisted. Real food worked.