We all do it and look at it – or do you?

When Tyson was on kibble and had his allergy issues, he also had these things going on that we thought were bulldog issues – or were they?

Tyson’s Issue – Can You Relate?

  1. His gas could clear a room
  2. His poop was large and hard
  3. His fur was always greasy and thick feeling, even after a bath
  4. He smelled like Frito’s corn chips
  5. His breath was bad
  6. His ears were always filled with wax
  7. His hair was thinning in places

Is this you, too?

Since quitting kibble and changing Tyson’s diet to homemade raw, premade raw, or lightly cooked, the change was dramatic.

  1. No more farting
  2. Regular poops like clockwork after meals
  3. His fur was shiny and thick and he was no longer greasy feeling
  4. He didn’t smell like Frito’s because we addressed the yeast issue he was having
  5. He no longer had bad breath
  6. His ear issues cleared up
  7. His hair grew in thicker than before
  8. He was able to shed a few pounds making it less strenuous on his joints and allowing him to be more mobile

Do you really know what processed pet food AKA kibble is really?

Kibble is made up of processed, sterilized and denatured foods. Made with a ton of carbohydrates, rejected materials processed into foods for pets, meat byproducts, bone meal, meat meal, rancid or moldy grains, rice flour, brewers rice, hydrolyzed hair, dehydrated garbage, manure, euthanized pets, antibiotics, growth promoting drugs and hormones, pesticides, insecticides, radiation, toxic heavy metals and chemicals to preserve shelf life. Can you believe our pets eat this?

I’ve said it a million times…

If your pet is…

Constantly thirsty; licking chewing gnawing at their paws; itchy ears; watery eyes; dirty folds; smelly nose rope; belly bumps; paw cysts; diarrhea, colitis, pancreatitis; constant body smell; greasy fur and skin –think about what you’re feeding!

Diet changes can work wonders for your dog’s health. Raw, lightly cooked, premade foods are available and can make all the difference in the world. Research your options, join some groups, and ask questions. Ask dogs that are raw fed how often they’re sick or how often they go to the vet. Look at them, feel them and pay attention to how they act when they see their food. Raw/Real Food fed dogs are all generally in better health than a kibble fed dog.