Mayor Tyson Bulldog was founded to help educate pet parents everywhere on the dangers of over medication and the benefits of raw feeding and natural, homeopathic remedies. Tyson’s story has helped so many of our canine companions overcome health issues, allergies, skin diseases and more. Meet a few of our friends and read their stories:

Pet Of The Month

Honey’s Journey…

Mayor Tyson is a major part of my bulldog Honey’s route to recovery. With the help of his mom Michelle she brought clarity that having an intact female wasn’t life threatening. Educated me on vacinosis and how to heal from it with Homeopathy.
The vaccine protocol for dogs is vital to living a longer life. Shared info on products to ease the detox process that took close to year to recover from.

Nu-stock, Fresh Aloe Vera, calendula ointment, dogzymes probiotics and supplements, homeopathy remedies, bone broths, Charcoal baths, zymox shampoo and conditioner, Qeurcentin with bromelain. Yeast is a monster and with lots of research and consulting w Michelle we grew in knowledge on overcoming leaky gut and killing yeast that was developed by lots of years of eating kibble and having an improper diet. Leaky gut is no joke and overcoming it is a major factor in your dog’s health. Lots of patience and time with a proper diet with no sugar and lots of rotating proteins and green veggies. Probiotics and supplements, and exercise. You can get your Dog on the right track to recovery.

Researching, educating yourself and linking with amazing people like Michelle and Mayor Tyson. You will gain knowledge and a lifetime friend, to walk this journey with your dog to complete healing.

Forever Grateful! Honey is living proof that you can overcome all these issues. Everything I have brought to your attention she has overcome!

Laura & Honey

Honey 5 1/2 years old intact female; Had multiple pregnancies; on kibble for 3 1/2 years

Honey was over-vaccinated with Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Leptospirosis and Parainfluenza vaccines.

She was over-medicated with Benadryl, Morphine, Antibiotics, Gabapentin and topical steroid creams.

Honey had a leaky gut; yeasty skin issues; hot spots on her face, neck, chin, belly, folds, back, tail pocket and ears; head tremors; limping in back leg for 4 weeks; dental plaque and allergies to protein and the outdoors.

She overcame over-vaccination with Homeopathic remedies using Nux Vomica; Thuja (head tremors, limping); Lyssin; raw bones (dental plaque); Charcoal (dental plaque, yeasty skin); and Coconut Oil (dental plaque).

Incorporating a healthy diet cured Honey from leaky gut and allergies. Rotating proteins: Deer, Buffalo, Beef, Turkey, Pork Rabbit, Duck, Chicken, Salmon, Mule Deer and Tilapia; plus green veggies: Bok Choy, Broccoli, Celery, Cucumbers, Kale, Napa Cabbage and Spinach.

Used Dogzymes supplements.

Suffocated the yeast by eliminating all sugars carbs and fruit for 6 months.

Daily Exercise: Short walks and long walks

Outdoor Allergies: Quercentin with Bromelain

Waldo’s Journey

Waldo is 2.5 years old. Since he was 5 months old, he has had skin issues. As is common, I ran to the vet. We changed his diet from one kibble to another and introduced antibiotics. A month later, the skin issues returned and again, I went to the vet and was given the same advice: change his diet, use antibiotics and Prednisone until the issues clear up.

Through research, I discovered the B.A.R.F. method and I found Michelle and Mayor Tyson. I decided it was time to make a change in Waldo’s diet and stopped using antibiotics and tried homeopathic remedies, like the Charcoal baths. After a few weeks, I could see improvement! I was so happy!

We’ve continued with Michelle’s suggestions and Waldo couldn’t be happier. He loves his new, healthy food, he’s more energetic and his skin issues have disappeared. Thank you!

Mayerling & Waldo

Oso & Toro’s Journey

Oso (english bulldog) was suffering from severe allergies including hair loss, redness on face, pimples, loose stools and yeasty folds. First we started with the vet and we did a allergy test to find out what he was allergic to: trees, weeds, wheat, flax, soy, potato, sweet potato, rice, pork, the list goes on. Our vet immediately wanted to do Apoquel and injections.

So we started by searching Tysons page!

How Michelle, Tysons Mom helped us:
-Changing diet to get completey off kibble. They are now on Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient Brave White Fish, and for other protiens matched with Dr. Harveys Raw Vibrace.
– Bone broth, Fish oil, and Dogzymes Complete.
– Charcoal baths and Paste for folds
– Colloidal Silver
– Snacks: Himalayan Yak Sticks, Sardines

Immediate results and they look great! The dogs love their food and treats. We check tysons page everyday and we try and watch all the live cast or stories. Thank You!

Mercedes, Oso & Toro

Rooney’s Journey

We have struggled with Rooney licking his paws due to environmental allergies, rather than put him on Apoquel and risk long term damage for a short lived fix, we have successfully staved off his paw licking and paw irritation by using a mix of the Indian healing clay and activated charcoal mask 2 times a week.
In addition we also take daily supplements of Quercetin and Bromelain. The results have been amazing, we could not have done it without Michelle’s relentless pursuit of all things natural and healthy for our pups! She is not a Vet but she has probably clocked more hours studying how to care for this breed than most Vetinarians have! Thank you Michelle!

Love Nicole & Rooney

Ruby’s Journey

I became a new dog mom a few years back and Darlin Clementine’s page helped me in so many ways. I rescued Ruby from an awful puppy mill and along with her amazing spirit, she had multiple health issues. With no background information on her, I had to start from scratch and figure out what worked best for her health. She has skin/allergy issues, what I now know as a common Frenchie problem. She is handicap and along with that starting having issues with UTI’s. After, trying many antibiotics, renal ultrasounds and urine cultures every 8 weeks.
She wasn’t getting better and the vet kept telling me “ she may need to be on antibiotics for the duration of her life” I didn’t want to accept that answer. That’s when I started changing everything I was doing. Stopped feeding her what I thought was high kibble diet and switched to Whitefish diet. Ruby had been on antibiotics for 10 months and I was never told about how this was destroying her good gut flora and that I may need to replace it. I learned more from Darlin Clementine than I did from the vet I paid thousands of dollars to. I did a detox on Ruby, started her on Kefir, Bovine Colostrum, Raw Berry Boost Supplement, multivitamin, CBD oil and a Pre/Probiotic. I am happy to say…. Ruby has been off antibiotics and pain meds for going on 8 weeks. Her urine Ph is normal and she has no bacteria or blood in her urine. Her skin started improving almost immediately when I changed her diet and stopped the medications.

I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge. You guys have guided me to the right websites to get the supplies I need.

Misty and Ruby

Winnie’s Journey

Years ago, when Winnie was about 10 months old, she started to have a crust and her hair was falling out in chunks and she was generally just gross feeling. I took her to the vet, she had a hair follicle infection caused by allergies. I was told we will never figure it out so “they” just came out with a new allergy medicine that could be on long term. Since this was gonna be a life-long problem, I have a bulldog you know, I joined the Apoquel club.
Fast forward to about a year later. In that time frame I had switched kibbles, shampoos and hundreds of dollars spent on Apoquel, for a 28 day supply it was 100 dollars! I wasn’t seeing many results. Yeah she wasn’t itching but she didn’t really look any better. I decided forget this and thought ok, I’ll try another kibble. I also switched vets, I was told if I don’t listen to him, they don’t have room for me in their practice. So off I went.

Fast forward to 2 Christmases ago. All sh*t hit the fan, literally. Winnie was hospitalized with a severe GI upset. No meds helped her, no food helped her and we almost lost her. We did blood work; fluids, medicines, x-rays and nothing lead us to why. So we decided it’s way to costly to keep her there. Her own poop burned the hair off her legs and nothing was helping so I decided I could look after her better at home. When we went to pick her up we talked about the special diet food Royal Canin makes and that is the best. The vet told me something about research and chicken feathers. They were so convincing, I bought in. I asked about maybe home cooking at this time. I was shamed. I was told I would be the worst pet parent if I fed her food I cooked at home. That’s when I found you. I reached out and you were right there! You gave me lists of all the things you fed Tyson. I studied his pictures, looked at the results. Looked at what you were doing and it was working!! I kept playing in my head, “if you put good in, you get good out”. You were so supportive, you sent me pictures of pages of books, a copy of a magazine, your lists of all the stuff you were doing and most of all you offered support! You and Tyson came into our lives at a time where I needed that shoulder to lean on and an encouraging word. Everyone I knew had some reason or another why kibble was best and they to as I now know are just afraid to go against the grain to say the least. I watched you bath Tyson in charcoal, so I got charcoal. I saw you home cooked, so I home cooked. I started small and went from there! I finally started to see results.

So, bring us to now. I switched to pre made raw. I researched companies and found one that was best. I also started to really look at your homeopathy you had been doing. When we switched to raw, she started to vomit every meal and sometimes a few times a day. This time I held strong. I didn’t run to the vet. She wasn’t losing weight, her skin is good and she’s had more energy than ever before! I figured I must be on the right path, I just need to refine it! So out I whipped one of the books you recommended and I decided to try a remedy in there! lol and behold, it’s worked!!!! My photos before and after photos of Winnie look mostly the same. Minus some awful tear stains. What you don’t see is the energy, the healthy skin, soft fur and the great poops! Haha! Most of all what you don’t see, is the courage. The courage you gave me to take the leap with Winnie and we have never looked back! I am out there sharing what I’ve learned with anyone who might listen to me, even some who don’t want to listen. So thank you. Thank you for giving me the courage to step out of the box and fight for the health of my bulldog. The courage to say no to the pressure of vets and the kibble way of life and the tools and resources to do it and feel good about it. I am so grateful for you and Tyson.

This is Winnie now. Happy, healthy and energetic!!

Thank you! I hope my story can make it to your website to show people, even when you’ve been shamed and your scared it’s ok to reach out and take the leap of faith because we are all here to catch them and support them the whole way!

Corey & Winnie

Bentley’s Journey

Bentley was more of a challenge. Bentley would chew her paws so bad that she would make them bleed and they would swell up. I was going down the same road as Tyson with Apoquel. Luckily Bentley is only 2 years old and was only on Apoquel for about 3 months.
I found Tyson’s Instagram page and was horrified and what I was learning. I changed diet and religiously did charcoal paw wraps and as you can see by Bentley’s pictures she looks great today. She will still get a cyst once and a while but nothing a little charcoal can’t handle. Just recently I referenced back to check out what natural allergy supplement Tyson would take because Bentley still has terrible seasonal allergies. I added the allergy supplement I found on Tyson’s page and Bentley seems to be less itchy!!

Thanks to Michelle for helping to heal one bulldog at a time!

Adrienne & Bentley

Bear’s Journey

Where do I start other than saying following Mayor Tyson has changed my bulldogs’ lives? I thought I was feeding them the best kibble on the market and quickly found out there is no such thing. My bulldogs started losing hair, getting ear infections, cysts in the paws, stinky rope, you name it they had it.
I reached out to Michelle on a whim and she responded with her thoughts and experiences that worked for her. I changed the diets for all 4 of my bullies and added some supplements. It definitely takes time and patience, but these are my babies and I would do anything for them. You can see by the pictures how this works. Look at my boys coat now! I reference back to Mayor Tyson’s Instagram page constantly for different ideas like “what fish oil does she use, what natural allergy remedy did she try?” Michelle has been an exceptional resource for me and my bulldogs.

Furever thankful :)

Adrienne & Bear

Coco’s Journey

I adopted Coco in December of 2016. Upon our first visit to the vet, that was paid for by the animal shelter, I quickly found out she wasn’t in the best condition. Although the shelter covered the visit, it didn’t cover the cost of any tests or medication. When I walked out, I had 433 less in my bank account and dog full of sickness. She had an ear infection in both ears, a UTI, and only weighed about 43 pounds.

After 6 weeks, of visits back and forth to the vet, her ear infections had not cleared. It was suggested by the vet to have some bloodwork done to make sure she didn’t have any thyroid issues since unresolved ear infections could be a complication from thyroid issues. I agreed. All the bloodwork came back fine, so it was time to consider other treatments. The first of which was giving Coco a steroid shot. I wasn’t okay with this given that I had been following Tyson on Instagram. The vet also suggested allergy testing, and this is when I began to question what was going on. Okay, have allergy tests done, but what is the treatments if her bloodwork comes back indicating allergies? APOQUEL. Red flags went off in my head. Here, I had this brand new senior dog, and I had already given her all of her ‘mandatory’ shots and now they wanted to put more chemicals in her body. I was just like any other dog mom out there, and I wanted to make sure I was giving her the best life I could. Even if that meant to spend thousands on her health care. Luckily, I told the vet that I wanted to try some options before considering any of those treatment options, and he was more than understanding. He said I offer these treatment options to all of my patients, because a lot of owners don’t have the time or resources to consider other treatment options. I understood where he was coming from, and I took Coco home.

I had been giving her the food that the shelter was giving her. I didn’t want to upset her stomach, and I wanted her to have some familiarity while she adjusted to her new home. I slowly began to feed her a different kibble (I know so many of you are anti kibble, and I promise I won’t feed my next dog kibble.) that was salmon as the primary protein source. I also began to clean her ears out with the wash that Michelle had suggested. With time, her ears began to heal. I also stopped feeding her as much table food as I had been, and began to eliminate all foods with a higher sugar content that can lead to yeast infections.

I am happy to report that all of Coco’s ear infections have been under control for about 2 years now. It was an adjustment period to figure out what worked for her and what didn’t, but in using a lot of the suggestions from Michelle and Stacey, I was able to save a lot of money in vet bills, as well as making sure Coco’s health issues were being addressed. I liked being able to be her advocate, as well as playing an active roll in doing what is best for her. I also don’t give her all of her ‘necessary’ shots, and I opt for the 3 year rabies shot instead of the 1 year. It is required in the state of Illinois, so I have to give it to her. Like I said, I opt for the 3 year, because my vet said it’s the same dosage as the 1 year. Sure, it might cost more, but it’s worth it to me to ensure that she is getting less chemicals injected into her throughout her life.

We trust our vets to take care of our loved ones. We think they are giving our babies the best care. Some are, some are not. Education is key to making sure you know what questions to ask the vet, and what other options are out there for your vet to consider in treatment. Just as in humans, there is no one size that fits all approach to the treatment of your fur babies. Homeopathic methods are safe, and should be considered first. Most of the time, they are easy to incorporate into your daily routines, and require less money than a vet visit. Sounds like a win win to me :)

Hollie & Coco

Hercules’ Journey

I have been so anxious to show you Hercules progress because he is almost 100% better! You have seriously done SO much for us, from winning the package of necessities, to guiding us in the correct direction when he has a new reaction. Hercules began getting hotspots and losing small patches of hair in June 2018, which is when we thankfully won the package full of needs to help begin his journey.
It was a lifesaver – we still use ALL of those products when needed. So I began the charcoal baths, slowly transitioning his diet to raw/cooked, providing daily supplements, and applying ointments (Calendula, Nustock) as necessary.

He began to heal, so we slowed down when we honestly shouldn’t have! In November/December 2018, he got 10x worse! Hot spots everywhere, larger patches of hair falling out, scabbed, irritated skin. It was a nightmare. Rashes. Ear infections. This is when I was recommended to do the whitefish detox. Between that, Golden Paste, and Goats Milk (or Kefir) he started to slowly get better and better. You told us it would get worse before it got better and I did not give up nor did I give in. I was very consistent. We even had our trip to the vet for the pain he was having and you were a lifesaver then as well! You replied so quickly and guided me in the correct direction with what I needed to make sure I avoided when it came to the vet attempting to give Hercules steroids. I truly think that the steroids and medications they would give Hercules on and off when he had flare-ups was the beginning of this nightmare, between that, and his kibble. He wasn’t even two yet and I had no idea that any of that could have been the culprit. Although he was being fed very high-grade kibble, something always seemed to flare up here and there.

Before I came across your page, I really was not that educated on how sensitive Bulldogs can be, especially with medications/steroids! I was always against medications/steroids and I always wanted them to be temporary and I cannot even begin to count the amount of times that they tried to convince me to try long term medications for him and how he made need long term treatment. Hercules hair started to grow back in February, and now, it is almost 100% grown in. He is a bit patchy, but that is ok because he does not have any extreme, disaster flare-ups. He has transitioned to raw after the whitefish diet. He is doing great, every single product that I use on him has been recommended by you.

We thank you and appreciate you so much! While detoxing, he had gotten an ear infection and the Liquid Health k9 ear solution cleared up his ear SO fast. Everything we have tried has worked, it just takes time. Time and consistency! We appreciate all you have done. Seriously, we love you guys so much. I am so thankful for coming across your page because I don’t know where we would be or what condition he would be in if we didn’t!

Savannah & Hercules

Agnes’ Journey

Agnes will turn 8 at the end of this year. She is a fantastic pet, wonderful temperament and such a treasure. From the day we brought her home as a puppy, we exclusively fed her Royal Canin Bulldog kibble. We thought, that the recipe was made specific for her breed, and due to the fact the bags were one of the more expensive kibble, it must be the best!

The year Agnes turned 6, things changed. Her coat was getting patchy with bald spots and it was oily and smelly. Then the bald spots started to get crusty and bleed. She was getting “hot spots” on her toes and the skin on her groin was red and also dry and crusty. The vet suggested steroids, but I was nervous and said I would need to think about it.

By the summer, Agnes would be outdoors with us and laid in the sun every chance she got and was constantly eating grass. Her coat condition improved. I later learned, her sunbathing and eating grass was self-medicating…. the kibble was essentially poisoning her.

I started to follow Tyson on social media. The symptoms Michelle documented were similar to Agnes. The photos scared the hell out of me and I was terrified that Agnes would get as bad as poor Tyson did. I messaged Michelle and she suggested a homeopathic vet. I did some research- and to my delight there was one that worked out of her farm—that was only 5 properties north from mine!

The vet confirmed everything Michelle has been promoting. The kibble was garbage. I was literally feeding her garbage every day for years and she had fungus living inside her body. The over-vaccination was also poisoning her. The vet’s prescription was easy – no more kibble and no more vaccinations. Go home and throw the kibble in the garbage (who cares if it was practically a brand new bag). We have been brainwashed that dogs can’t eat human food. Vet recommended a mixture of veggies, starch and protein. She also recommended adding kelp, oils and sprinkle magnesium. Mix in Goats Milk or Cheese/Yogurt for calcium. That’s it. And I should see results in a month.

The improvement is unbelievable! The photos speak for themselves. Her coat is full, soft and not smelly. Agnes LOVES Yams and Brussel Sprouts, but also enjoys pasta with Green Beans. She gets Blueberries sometimes too. I sometimes mix in the meat or fish we are eating that night, or I also found a great Raw Dog Food shop, and will throw in ground raw rabbit or lamb as well – Agnes just loves it.

Agnes is healthier and I know she is happier. This weekend we are welcoming a new bulldog to our family and we will only serve him fresh food.

Thank you so much Michelle for sharing Tyson’s story. It was brave of you (I’m sure some jerks out there judged you) and our Agnes is better for it!!!!!

Erin & Agnes

Pudge’s Journey

Hello! My name is Pudge. I am a four-year-old English Bulldog. Finding Michelle & Mayor Tyson on social media was probably one of the best things that ever happened to my owner and I. I struggle with allergies and dry skin and Michelle gave us all the tips and tricks we needed to help me get better.
We used Zymox eardrops & also Zymox shampoo and conditioner for bath time, Dr. King’s allergy medicine drops to mix in my water & Optique eye drops for crusty gooey eyes. All of these things have been life changers. We would be lost without the guidance and impact from Mayor Tyson and Michelle!

Kylie & Pudge

Lily’s Journey

I am Charlet from Utah and a first time dog parent and this is our 3 month old sweet baby girl Lily and she’s been on raw diet and supplements for one month and counting and she’s doing great and very healthy!

Being a first time dog parent I was skeptical on having my puppy on raw diet cause I’ve read so many negative things about it and all I know is you give dogs “dog food” but Michelle and Tyson’s experiences opened my eyes and educated me very well! All I can say is Thank You Momma Michelle!! Everything that she’s doing for her babies are amazing! I learned so much the day I started following Mayor Tyson’s Facebook and Instagram page. The “Tip Of The Day” is very educational. From the benefits of having your dog on raw diet and healthy DIY treat recipes to giving natural remedies and holistic options. I know so much better now! I have been impressed with the care, love and best quality of life that she gives to her dogs and to other dogs as well. She answers to my questions and will even give me detailed information, which is awesome! We are so grateful to have you guys.

Charlet & Lily

Arthur’s Journey

Arthur is a wonderful 2-year-old living in the West Midlands in the UK. He was suffering from a range of symptoms such as interdigital cysts, itching and waxy ears, hot spots, flakey skin on his shins, hair loss and yeast infections. After visiting a ‘bulldog vet’ and receiving courses of steroids throughout his first year, I contacted Mayor Tyson and Michelle to get some advice. I knew this wasn’t how I wanted Arthur’s life to be. He was uncomfortable and I knew of the long-term side effects of steroids on his health and life span.
After taking on board advice shared, I changed Arthur’s diet to 100% natural food. I had been feeding him ‘hypoallergenic’ kibble up until this point with no idea that this was perhaps causing him the issues. I later found out he is allergic to storage mites (found in dry dog food) after changing vets to someone who I trusted and who understood Arthur’s needs. We are very strict with his diet and make homemade treats following Michelle’s recipes.

The change in Arthur has been dramatic and I am so grateful for the support and messages I have received from Michelle and being able to watch Mayor Tyson and Howie’s journeys. THANK YOU!

Sophie & Arthur

Chumley’s, Chomsky’s, Jake’s, & Lulu’s Journey

I decided over a year ago to switch my boys from kibble to raw food. I came to this decision as my boys where constantly having skin issues and allergies. Unfortunately, I didn’t know where to start, how to put meals together, what’s best for their particular complaint and foods to avoid.
At the time, I was also following other sources and Michelle’s name was mention as one of the best accounts to get advice from on the raw diet, so I reached out to Michelle who couldn’t have been nicer.

Michelle gave me lots of information on the best foods, supplements, probiotics, skin care and more and has been a constant support ever since.

My boys have never looked better. Their skin ands allergies have drastically improved, they are eating better and looking better and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Thank you, Michelle for all of your help and support since the beginning up to now. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Louise, Chumley, Chomsky, Jake & Lulu

Hazel’s, Lucy’s & Ella’s Journey

I’m always looking for natural ways to treat any issues that come up with my dog’s health so when my Golden Retriever puppy, Hazel started scratching for no obvious reason I turned to Mayor Tyson’s page and found Quercitin. It has been a lifesaver for Hazel’s itch and I’m so grateful to Michelle for sharing her knowledge!!
My Olde English Bulldogge, Ella has allergies and issues with yeasty paws. The information Michelle has provided for paw care has helped immensely! And I now use Zymox shampoo for her baths and her lingering itchy skin has cleared up and the difference is amazing!!

Christine, Hazel, Lucy & Ella

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