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Mayor Tyson Bulldog is dedicated to helping your dogs live happy, healthy lives. Here you’ll find everything you need to make healthy choices for your pooch! From nutrition dos and don’ts to detoxes, Tyson has a tip!

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Tear Stains

Why Does My Dog Get Them and How Do I Get Rid of Them? What are tear stains? Tear stains are excessive tear production caused by many different issues, including: [...]

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Your Dog’s Health

Jump Starting Your Dog’s Health Is your dog itchy, scratchy, losing hair, scratching at the ears, anxious, tummy troubles – you know something is up! What do you do? Run [...]

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Wellness vs. Illness

If You Think Wellness Is Expensive, Try Illness: Getting You Healthy Signs it might be time to look at what you feed: Oily, flakey skin and hair falling out Smells [...]

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Bubble Paws

What the heck are Bubble Paws? Just one of our new favorite products! Bubble Paws are revolutionary, disposable, reusable, lightweight, waterproof dog boots. Come in small and large size 16-pack [...]

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