I Did the Whitefish Diet and Now I Want to Move on to Meats – What’s Next?

There are many ways to feed your dog a real diet. Whether it’s cooked, lightly cooked or raw, I’m here to CONGRATULATE you on taking steps to get your dog healthy. I say any step forward and getting your dog off kibble is a step in the right direction. You have to decide what is the right way to feed, what are you prepared to pay, do you have time to make it yourself, or buy pre-made.

Dogs, like their ancient wolf ancestors, are designed to eat meat.

Simply put, dogs have a high level of hydrochloric acid in their stomachs. This acid does the majority of the digestion of the animal proteins, bones and fat and it breaks down and kills harmful bacteria. Dogs are able to eat many goods people cannot digest well. So, when a vet says they do not recommend a raw diet, it’s time to get a new vet.

Tyson’s Story
When Tyson was sick, I didn’t think twice about how to feed him or worried about salmonella that people said he or I would get from raw meat. All I knew as a pet parent was that I wanted to give him the best shot at a healthy life and if that meant raw, that’s what I would do. I will say, we tried and fed both ways. We cooked the tilapia and eventually Ground Turkey, but fed raw Beef, Pork, Duck and Lamb.

We researched, bought some nutrition books, joined some Facebook groups and got overwhelmed! We decided to start with beef. We got a chunk of Beef and put our Kitchen-Aid mixer with a grinder attachment to use. We ground up the beef and the last week of our Tilapia diet, gave Tyson small pieces to see how he would do. Let’s just say we almost lost a few fingers and he was never so excited about food. We gradually increased the pieces until 7 days in, we were feeding it as the whole meal. Green steamed veggies stayed the same (see the last two tips for the Whitefish Diet).