My Dog Eats Kibble and Has No Problems

Did you know that over time, a poor diet weakens the immune system? Toxins start to form, poor food resides in the organs and blood issues fester.

A stressed out immune system is also more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Poor diet doesn’t cause disease, it creates conditions that lead to disease.

But My Dog Is Okay!

How do you know he’s really okay? Do you get yearly blood work and tests? Have you noticed skin issues, dry flaky skin patches of hair coming out, scratching ears? Even the most minor of occurrence, over time, turn into something worse. Do you really know what goes into what you feed?

But My Dog Doesn’t Have Any Issues!
They may not have any issues now, but over time things may creep up. Wouldn’t you feel better as a pet parent knowing you were feeding the best you could? Wouldn’t you want to ward off skin issues, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), congestive heart failure, pancreatitis and worst of all cancer?

All of those issues we just mentioned are caused by and or contributed to by a poor diet. Research has found that the ingredients found in kibble do more harm than good.

Why are we repeating this you ask?

Because many people come to us asking for help with issues after years of being on kibble and all of a sudden, the issues come up and they don’t know what to do. Sometimes, it’s too late, but many times health issues can be corrected. You have options.

Did you know raw and home cooked diets can fix:

  • Dogs with urinary and protein issues
  • Dogs with liver issues and thyroid issues
  • Dogs with pancreatitis, diabetes and cancer
  • Dogs with allergies and heart issues

Back in the old days before kibble, dogs weren’t getting sick with all these diseases, nor were there vets on every corner recommending prescription kibble. Think about it! When did dogs get cancer in those days? Never!